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Simply speaking the main benefit is speed.

Speed is offered not only on the download but the upload as well so you can browse faster than you can with basic DSL, Cable and Satellite service. And on the topic of Satellite performance, High Speed Wireless doesn't suffer from the long wait times attributed with network transmissions going to the satellite in space and back down to the satellite dish on earth. And no more losing Internet access because there is heavy rain or snowstorm.


Greater Mobility.

Wireless networks offer you freedom to work or play from anywhere in your wireless home networks or small office wireless networks environment. When you’re away from home you can find “hot spots” in motels, airports, convention centers, restaurants and coffee shops.


Installation Ease.

Built-in installation wizards task you through the minimum wireless network setup requirements, smoothly and easily using the state-of-the-art wireless networking products.


Lower Monthly Access.

With the capability for multiple simultaneous Internet sessions, wireless networks, whether for the home computer networking or any other wireless networks, let you save the cost of additional ISP (Internet service provider) connections.


Goes where cable and fiber cannot.

The inherent nature of wireless is that it doesn't require wires or lines to accommodate the data / voice / video pipeline. As such, the system will carry information across geographical areas that are prohibitive in terms of distance, cost, access or time. Although paying fees for access to elevated areas such as masts, towers and building tops is not unusual, these fees, the associated logistics and contractual agreements are often minimal compared to the costs of trenching cable.


Involves reduced time to revenue.

Companies can generate revenue in less time through the use of wireless solutions than with comparable access technologies because a wireless system can be assembled and brought online in as little as two to three hours.


Provides broadband access extension.

Wireless commonly both competes with and complements existing broadband access. Wireless technologies play a key role in extending the reach of cable, fiber and DSL markets, and it does so quickly and reliably. It also commonly provides a competitive alternative to broadband wireline or provides access in geographies that don't qualify for loop access.

Benefits of Wireless Broadband


Our WiFi connectivity solution provides high-speed uncapped Internet access in selected areas without the need for a traditional telco line. Uncapped, unshaped connectivity is available to any customer within line-of-sight to a Unics base station.

This solution also allows for optional Voice-over-IP so yes, we can provide you with a phone if you’re on our wireless internet network! No more waiting for months or complicated phone bills. You save on your data costs as well as your monthly phone bills.

From as little as R350pm, and permitting that your installation does not require additional hardware, you can enjoy 24/7 connectivity without worrying about your usage. Contact us today for a free assessment!

Wireless Private Networks

If you’d like to establish your own private wireless network to link remote locations, we are at your service. We specialise in the provision of wireless solutions with point-to-point reach of up to 75km.

Unics delivers complete  solutions tailored to meet the requirements of the network architecture and we are experts in broad-based systems integration with specific strength in the application of the most appropriate and effective infrastructure for the job.

So whether  you need a network for data, voice-over-IP or media streaming, we can help!

Wireless Broadband

Always-on Internet

ICASA Registered

Unics is an ICASA registered wireless service provider supplying its customers with a complete internet solution.

Our wireless service runs on our own networks, thus eliminating the need for telephone lines to provide our service. We can provide customers with end to end solutions over our own infra-structure. Completely wireless; no ADSL or telephone line needed and we offer various packages depending on area or