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Today, the use of high quality megapixel cameras and advanced video analysis applications in in-city scenarios is becoming more and more common. Aimed at improving general public safety, such high-end in-city projects are commonly characterized by relatively dense camera site deployments covering highly populated urban areas such as: shopping centers, parking lots, strategic junctions, etc. In order to assure uninterrupted transmission of vital security images, a high quality, robust and reliable solution is required to overcome common in-city challenges, such as obstacles to line-of-sight and interference.

Security, Everywhere.

High Quality Surveillance and Transmission


Since this municipality’s implementation of an inner-city video surveillance system, there has been a drastic improvement in:

Local Police and other authorities have access to the system and this allows for better planning capabilities and faster response in the event of incidents.

Also, as part of the municipality’s drive to support the Arrive Alive Campaign in South Africa, they regularly include a few clips from their system on their website. The solution also allows the Municipality to identify problem areas and to take the necessary actions to improve the safety of Mbombela’s roads.

This system allows the public to be informed, cautious and able to look out for risks taken by other drivers on the roads. The public may also request footage of their accidents or events for their own reference.

Robust and Mission-Critical

Our Video Surveillance Transmission Solution is ideal for high-end in-city projects. The wireless dedicated high capacity links are fully scalable, providing optimal performance in even the most demanding nLOS and in-city topography scenarios. Together with our unique Point-to-Point architecture, this creates the only wireless solution that can provide fully reliable coverage for in-city projects.

Reliable Transmission for Optimal Inner-City Safety

Mbombela Local Municipality - Public Safety

Ideal for both high scale in-city surveillance and wide area security projects including: traffic surveillance, airports, border control, railways, seaports and gas and oil pipelines, the Unics solution successfully meets high quality security project requirements, simply and quickly, and with optimal results.

Enabling In-City & Wide Area Surveillance

Bus and Taxi c/o N4 and Madiba Drive

Accident c/o N4 and Madiba Drive