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This WiFi connectivity solution provides high-speed uncapped Internet access in selected areas without the need for a traditional telco line. Uncapped, unshaped connectivity is available to any customer within line-of-sight to a Unics base station.

Ideal for high-end in-city projects, our wireless dedicated high capacity links are fully scalable, providing optimal performance in even the most demanding nLOS and in-city topography scenarios.

A complete, fully featured telephony solution with less up-front capital expenditure and significantly lower call costs. Leading edge IP PBX products and services with a choice of pre-configured bundles or a fully customisable solution for up to 1000+ users.

Wireless Internet

Video Surveillance

VOIP Telephony

Video Surveillance Transmission

Cost effective uncapped solutions

The challenges of wide area video surveillance are numerous. Vast geographical areas, remotely spread locations and extreme environmental conditions require varying and interchangeable topologies in order to provide reliable, uninterrupted, mission-critical coverage. In such cases, simplicity of installation and maintenance is an additional key requirement in order to keep costly resources at a minimum.

With wide area surveillance needs ranging from scenarios as diverse as border protection, building premises, railways and highway traffic control – reliable, uninterrupted transmission of security data is critical.

Our Video Surveillance Transmission solutions enable fast and easy deployment in a variety of topologies for continuous 24/7 security. With wireless links providing optimal long-range performance, we give you high quality wide area video surveillance, without boundaries.

Security, Everywhere.

High Quality Security Networks.

Unics offers a wide range of products, services and skills in order to meet your exact ICT needs. Allow us to assist you in making better technology decisions for your company and let’s help your business to thrive!

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Managed ICT Solutions

Massive savings on call costs!